Ali and the Airship

Ali’s eyes met her father’s. She was crying. He wasn’t. His eyes were worried and unsure. Neither knew what Silas had planned or if either would make it out of this alive. Each mouthed ‘I love you’ to the other. Silas saw this. He sneered at the King, then at Ali, then back at the king. Leaning closer to the king, he brokered, “You would trade your life for hers?”

The king nodded slowly. “You would, kingy boy?” Silas confirmed, with a wink at Ali.

The king apologized to Ali with his eyes and nodded again, whispering, “You scoundrel…if you touch one hair on her head…”

Silas interrupted the king, preaching from a proverbial pedestal “…lets just stop it with the threats. The ground is covered with her hair. I pulled it out of her head. I’ve touched her before and I’ll her touch again…she’s mine now…” he grinned, his voice becoming a snake-like hiss, “MINE. Trade accepted…” and with that, his hands clasp the kings head and with surprising strength, wrenched his neck, breaking it.


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